Located on a privileged site at Mallorca’s rugged coastline of the Serra de Tramuntana, a landscape protected by the Unesco, Jardin de Pedrissa is the home of indigenous olive trees which go back more than 3000 years.

The extra virgin olive oil we produce, is of an outstanding character. Its unique taste is based on prime olives, a rare microclimate and an uncompromising standard. As a result it is certified as being amongst the most highly rated in the world.

Jardin de Pedrissa


Unlike other olive oils that employ chemical processing in their manufacture, Jardin de Pedrissa extra virgin olive oil is extracted directly from olives that are in perfect condition using solely mechanical procedures. We harvest and select by hand in the traditional manner. Its medium fruitiness harmonizes perfectly with its bitterness and sharpness, making this a highly complex oil with a vivid aroma reminiscent of fresh cut grass, green tomatoes and artichokes. Dark glass helps maintain the stellar quality of the oil and the simple yet refined packaging complements its impeccable taste. Produced in very limited quantities each year, it is available in 200 ml and 500 ml individually numbered bottles.



per 100 gr

ENERGY 3700 kJ / 900kcal
FAT / of which 100 g
CARBOHYDRATE / of which 0g
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Jardin de Pedrissa is a tribute to traditional values and contemporary artisanal expertise. The splendor of the scenery is our inspiration, but the project is just as much energized by the people working on the estate. We all love this land, and our deep commitment to nature and quality is evident in every detail.


Jardin de Pedrissa is an extraordinary agricultural estate on Mallorca’s rugged northwestern coast. These 75 hectares of natural splendor are home to our indigenous olive trees some of which date back as far as 3000 years. Declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Serra de Tramuntana is where culture and climate come together granting us the ideal conditions for producing an outstanding olive oil. We honor this priceless legacy by constantly striving for the same harmony and perfection found in nature. Combining time tested artisanal methods with advanced technology is the underlying principle of our unique project. When harvesting the olives we rely on the same meticulous process that has been handed down from ancient times.

To protect the fruit and the trees every single olive is picked by hand and only a very limited amount of oil is produced each season. In the handling of the oil itself we employ a modern storage and filling system to guarantee a flawless product. Not taking anything for granted, we aim for a sustainable existence that goes hand in hand with the principles of nature and its cycles. Honoring simplicity and heritage, our in harmony with nature farming approach enables the olive trees to thrive. Our crops, our gardens, and our animals all play a significant part in the holistic concept which we apply throughout the property – from the field to the kitchen and of course our olive grove.


To produce our version of what the Spanish call “oro liquido” or “liquid gold” we select only the firmest and shiniest olives. Devotion to nature and to detail marks the difference that sets Jardin de Pedrissa extra virgin olive oil apart. Mallorca enjoys its own denomination of origin, and our trees produce Empeltre olives (also known as Mallorquina olives), one of the three native varietals on the island. Harvested in early fall, the olives retain a much higher degree of polyphenols defining the flavour even further. The harvest hands gather the handpicked fruits in cotton bags capable of storing just a few kilos. Timing is essential, thus after ensuring that only the healthiest olives are used, they are quickly pressed that same day. Utilizing just the pressure naturally exerted by gravity, the fruit is crushed and processed in an uninterrupted cycle. 11 kilos of olives are necessary to produce one single litre of our precious olive oil. Although we lean on traditional techniques for harvesting and pressing the olives, we leave the oil to decant in technically advanced stainless steel tanks which maintain a consistent environment guaranteeing that no external factors interfere with our oil – which we do indeed treat like gold! Our process ensures that Jardin de Pedrissa extra virgin olive oil measures up to the highest international standards.


Our olive grove is blessed with a unique microclimate. It’s this auspicious combination of salty Mediterranean breeze and the brisk air of the higher altitudes that fosters the distinctive character of our extra virgin olive oil. When it comes to producing an extraordinary olive oil, many aspects come into play. While harvesting and processing the fruits themselves is the most obvious part, it’s just as important where and how they grow. Jardin de Pedrissa is located in an exceptional spot on the island. While the salty mist blowing in from the sea adds a unique aroma to the olives, the mountain air of the Serra de Tramuntana prevents the fruit from overexposure to humidity. Calcareous, rocky soil and the extremely old age of the trees serve to enhance the characteristics of this oil.

The quality of the soil is further improved by the organically occurring compost layer processed with the help of our Mallorquin sheep. A sturdy mix of vegetation made up of various local herbs and wild flowers grows abundantly between the trees and provides us with a natural solution to countering erosion – following an ancient tradition cultivated ages ago. While sage, rosemary and thyme are indispensable ingredients in the local cuisine, our sheep have also developed an appetite for aromatic vegetation – a preference that turns their meat into a rare delicacy. The wool of the sheep is the basis for a collection of hand-crafted products to be used on the premises, and like the many other components of Jardin de Pedrissa, all part of greater pattern.


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The Protected Designation of Origin Oli de Mallorca was created in order to preserve and guarantee the origin and unique features of Mallorcan olive oil

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